Mom's Birthday

8:34:00 PM

6th may is my mom birthday. Im havin a hard time, i dunno what to wear, haha, lolz, at the morning i decide to .. buy some cakes *oops* haha, i buy 2 ~ yaayy 

I buy magz again... nooo~ lol, (how can i stand not to buy it, it's taylor swift in the cover!!) haha,, when i stand beside the magz booth .. *my eyes*, haha . I need vitC, yumyum, 

At midnight- finally i will just wear this.. Oooo hha

Puff (~ . ~)

yupyup, waiting for my mom... i love this shoes,, it's so *girly* wihihwhwih

i'm so full, i think i can't eat anymore aa...

happy birthday mom, wish u the best :) 

at the end blurp~

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