5:08:00 PM

Gahh, go to salon wait so long so damn boring, hawhawhaw, so = narcisstist = action. *laugh*. Can help it but laugh. (oops, i change a song lyrics with my daily life) lol.. "Thursday afternoon beautiful. Driving with Mom to saloon. praying to the lord ******. And learning ********, go to saloon, makes my feeling growing better each daaayyy, thursday afternoon beautiful, go to the saloon."
lol, sorry to the song lyrics that i've change Ooo.

ok, so at the midnight, here comes the party... >.<

strike a pose ladies, harharhar

me playing a piano

Ayen is the best of the best. Love you my best friend

eat-eat till u drop, .

fun- fun night with all of my besties, love you all!!

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