Sunday madness

11:53:00 PM

ok.. lolz... this pics were taken on sunday... my little besties "kuss-kuss" (hihi) just celebrate her lil' birthday, its so hilarious that day! we all just keep laughing all day long!1 haha,,

haha, we're so crazy.. me and my friends mocked, talked, gossips, kicked at each other but in a good way and its leik so omfg~ haha.. Lolzlmaorofl!!1

hey you! haha~ (from left: kuskus and santy cant stand but 2 laugh! XD while rika and yuli were all smile) *lolz*

meh meh....
haha, fun all day XD

ok, so thats me.. haha.. i just try a random glasses ^

waitin for my parents.. my mom at the spectacles store.. she need a glasses .. ckck

meh meh me again... i took this pic in the fitting room, harharhar
but i did buy that green shirt in the floor,,, ^ ^ (i need it for my tennis course, eventhough now i seldom go to my tennis course XD)

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