7:44:00 AM

crying smiley Pictures, Images and PhotosWe the 11 grade students must fight to death for our exam.. and I'm like... oh my.... it's so tiring, but I have to study!! So... gambatte nee.!!!!
Yeah~yeah my study desk doesn't look liek one.. hihi.. but at least I still got some study books there.... lol

This is so damn... I feel like sleepy in school, exhausted, and yeah... whatever (in the exam days, I often study till midnight.. and my friends too! haha, we're liek texting each other! students madness!!) harharhar

that's my eyes... XD *I feel bored sometimes when I just sit in my study desk, so I take a photo.. of my eyes?* lmao!!

yeah, that's me and my friends... we're liek crazy before the test..

our stuff for our crazy and weird photoshoot.... hahahhacute panda Pictures, Images and Photos

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