12:36:00 PM

from left: me waiting in airport, and my lil' brother is eating

we stay in allson. AGAIN~ nah nah

ok ok.. i'm not so hungry.. but just eat man..!

shop till u drop... meh meh

buy magazine again, teenvogue and vogue (why siena again in vogue cover?).. muahhh and luuurve pocky ^ ^

yea~ im goin 2 eat again oo.. i buy magz again ViVi.. love it best! the best japan fashion magz ( err,, may be..)

i'm full! harhar... but still love 2 buy ice cream again,, loooooove ice creammm

cuute.. >o<>

strike a pose.. xD and thats me with my cousin.. yen yen sistahh.. harhar (she's pretty oo)

me with larry...

me n my sister waiting...

buy 2 books.. really like it anyway.. *inspiring*

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