5:40:00 PM

Halloween party celebrated on October 31 in Santika hotel

into the dark before the party start; snap a picture

(start from left) the in-crowd stylish ManLady welcoming; with the appetizer you will love

there arrive the deathly scream holding his scythe and Alice lost in spooky land

the black allies and 3 lady strike a pose

fearlesswitch with her broom; standing tall man devil & his corpse bride

vampires night out with fairy troops and the devils head

the live band music is playing out loud and bunch of finger foods to be snacked

chattering people watching the performances other guest all hand in peace

guest sitting pretty and desserts ready to serve

magician in high five; the fairy with the red & blue devils

your cuisine chef~ and two glambista cat necko crash the white-F

scream, fairy, demon, and a fortune teller; [left] chef Pardi proud to present

the wheel of fortune; a pretty golden Cleopatra queen with the white angel

the King of Darkness and Queen of Day; stuff scattered

the guest in style posing to the cameras

a night of mare or not..

red devil, japan highschool girl and me xD
HaPpy HaLloOw3en!

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