Eye Candy

10:06:00 PM

Owl City Pictures, Images and PhotosLately I'm in love with owl-city. He has a very unique taste in lyrics and melody. It's just so lovely to hear his songs.. try to listen fireflies, dear Vienna, strawberry avalanche, west coast friendship. Just listen to all of his songs. Super awesome.

Anyway, I've just done watching one Korean drama. The title is My fair lady. I like this drama. At first I bought this movie because I like Yoon Eun Hye. She's sooo pretty. But, tadaaa..... "eye candy detected" Jung Il Woo He's just so...... I like him haha
 He's a gentleman, kind & smart. Jung Il-woo plays “Tae-yoon,” a lawyer and business conglomerates who is pretty much the perfect man. But the ending of the movie isn't pretty enough for me. Anyway I LIKE him

Dad just bought me a new notebook. It's SonyVaio vpccw16fg. I like the color, pure white and I love windows 7 hahaha.
laugh away *,*

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