cool music

7:50:00 PM

written by fenni
as a request from one of my friend Mr.h*ch** ;p

OK, well I don't really have anything to talk about man, haha. But I want to suggest you to hear 4 of my favorite songs. Go listen:

1. "Breathless - Shayne Ward" If you have already listen to this song, you know this one is like omg, perfect. I just love it. Well at first I know this song because one of my friend gave me a movie titled "you're beautiful", and this song was played in an episode; I was like, wow... I have to find this song ^ ^ anyway, this is not a new song. Hope you listen to this one.

2. "When I look at you - Miley Cyrus" another brilliant song. I got this song when I randomly browsed youtube till midnight. This one is really great, really. when I say "really" I mean it for real.

3. "I was born to hit in America - Beat Crusaders". This music is an original sound track from BECK (anime) that is so popular in Japan. I love both the anime version and the real one. Again, this isn't a new song. But it's nice though.

4. "Chain - Back On". Also the OST from famous anime Air Gear in Japan. Avex released one single and two albums covering all the songs and themes used for the anime adaptation. The opening theme single "Chain" performed by Back-on was released on June 7, 2006 and peak ranked 139th on Oricon singles chart.

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