Whoa Oh! Boy Band!

5:27:00 PM

Whoa! Have you ever heard about the rock band FTSK? It's Forever the Sickest Kids! An American band from North Richland Hills, Texas. The group consists of 6 members. Jonathan Cook as the Lead Vocals, Austin Bello (bass), Caleb Turman (Lead Guitar), Kent Garrison (Keyboard), Marc Stewart (Rhythm Guitar), and Kyle Burns (Drums).

Anyway, I love Caleb Turman so bad he's so cool! And I'm so totally lovin their song Whoa Oh! (me Vs. Everyone). It really made my day! Be Caleb fans on facebook! CLICK HERE

Twenty Twenty Band

Do you know Twenty Twenty? I guess it's a new band, but they're great! Check out their song "Get Down" I love the beat! BTW this is a pop rock band and their hometown: Essex, United Kingdom. The members are:

 1. Sam Halliday (vocals/guitar)
2. Jack Halliday (bass/vocals)
3. Sonny Watson-Lang (drums/vocals)

from left to right: Sonny (oh poor Sonny! hehe), Jack and Sam

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