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12:36:00 AM

I just realized that Murakami's novel titled Norwegian Wood will be adapted 
into a movie and directed by the genius Anh Hung Tran. 
Oops, the movie is out already. I'm so not updated. Haha.
I don't read the novel. But by watching the amazing trailer, 
I'll definitely be watching this movie with my popcorn.
 Norwegian Wood is a movie set in Tokyo in the 1960s and is narrated by Toru Watanabe (Kenichi Matsuyama) through his reminiscing about his relationships with two very different women, 
Naoko (Rinko Kikuchi) and Midori (Kiko Mizuhara).  
Did you know that this movie receives many positive reaction from the critics? 
Makes me even want to watch this movie as soon as I can. 
Watch the trailer HERE

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