October 2013 - Throwback Sydney & Melbourne

3:46:00 PM

I miss Sydney and Melbourne.
 The last time I went to Sydney was October 2013, to attend my big brother graduation ceremony and also *of course* for holiday! 
Me and dad
 My big bro and my Dad 
 Messy Apartment!!
 Like father like son... 
 My bro with his 2 good friends
Congratulations Big bro! Kaiko kaiko!
*Proud Papa*
-Now Melbourne-

 Shrine of Remembrance
 I remember I was 59kg at that time! Almost 60kg T_T
My dad and brother, they're so worried and always remind me to go on a diet! Hohoho
Near Etihad Stadium. 
 Melbourne Street Cafes, full of people and tourists!
So many #tbt photos to be uploaded. 

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