Throwback December 2014 - Melbourne

9:44:00 AM

This post is about my short holiday in Melbourne back then in 2014,
that I haven't got the chance to upload. 
Ah how I miss this haircut back then in 2014.
My dad and I went to Melbourne for a week to attend my not so little sister graduation ceremony. Congratulations Meing!
<3 nbsp="" p="">Congratulations my dear!
Meing my mang ming bubu situmitum inututt.. suagiii *alien language*
Met some old friends! It's been to long!
Great ocean road! My sis and I were trying to recreate our childhood pose!
The hand in the face pose that we used to love hahaha.
My dad! He's really excited that day! He loves Melbourne so bad!
Me trying to pull off a cool pose.. Not even close! Muahahahaaa
Can you see the Koala bear? So lovely! 
Now Helicopter ride!
My hardworking Dad! He looks so happy for this ride! <3 p="">
The view from above... Quite stunning isn't it..
Hmm.. This is no longer a fashion blog.. I think I post random things here..
Parliament of Victoria. 
 I like this place, the view and scenery is just perfect for photoshoot!
 Me trying to do some candid poses...
 I remember my dad wanted to take some photos with the trams!
  After all, It's a lovely trams..
 My little sister.. She's so happy!
It's windy.. and I love her face below.. hehe
It's almost Christmas back then when we came to Melbourne, I love the decoration!
 Can you see the couple standing there right beside me, they were looking like what is this bitch doing over here? You're on the way, we also want to take some photos. Actually no I'm kidding. Or it could be true.. Then I'm sorry guys!
My dad in Eureka Tower!
 The view from above
<3 p="">

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